Dalby Firewood are happy to offer delivery of all our products to our neighbours in Middlesbrough on the other side of the Yorkshire Moors.

We provide a range of hardwood logs including oak, beech, silver birch and hornbeam to suit anyone’s needs. We now offer mixed oak and birch logs, to give the perfect combination of easy lighting due to the naturally occurring resin in the birch, and exceptional burn time and heat output from the oak. Our seasoned logs are available in a range of cuts and quantities from smaller “handy bags” up to large 2m3 crates.

All of our logs are thoroughly kiln-dried for ultra-low moisture content and Woodsure Ready-to-Burn certified. This means our firewood gives a hot, clean flame; and less energy used to evaporate moisture means more heat output from each log you burn.

Take a look at our full range of products in our online shop. If you need anything else please get in touch on our contact page – we’d be happy to hear from you!