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Dalby Gold Kiln Dried Ash Crate


The external crate dimensions are W1.15 x H1.2 x D1.08 (1.49 m3).  Loose volume (unstacked) is 2m3 stacked into 4 rows of logs.

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Sawdust Bulk Bag

Bulk bags

Large bulk bags containing 0.8m³ of loose volume firewood.

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Dalby Gold Ash Handy Bag

Handy bags

Smaller quantity handy carry bags of kiln dried firewood.

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Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal Bag Parcel


chunks of the best quality charcoal that lights very easily and gets up to temperature quickly.

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Starter/Sample boxes

Starter/Sample boxes filled with Kiln Dried Logs, Kiln Dried kindling & Natural Firelighters.

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Kindling, firelighters & other accessories.

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Kiln Dried Ash


(Dalby Gold) Extra dry slow burning hardwood. Very good calorific value and burns with a lovely flame. Brilliant all round firewood for cooking and heating.

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Kiln Dried Birch


Silver birch bark is a natural firelighter. Burns hot and gets up to temperature quickly. Has a faster burn time than other hardwoods if not controlled, so not really suitable for open fires. Great fuel for domestic pizza ovens as the bark gives off a wonderful aroma and taste.

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Kiln Dried Oak


Burns very slow and very hot. Oak does not burn with much of a flame, but tends to smoulder. Difficult to light so its better mixed with other species. Brilliant for smoking food and keeping the fire in for long periods of time.

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Oak & Birch

A mixture of kiln dried oak and silver birch. This brilliant combination gives you ease of lighting with the birch, which also assists with the burning of the oak.

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Seasoned Hardwood

Mixed hardwoods

Mixed species of hardwood logs. We generally use ash, beech, oak and birch. Choose between kiln dried or seasoned. Available in 25cm or 40cm lengths. Species can not be specified when ordering.

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Ash & Birch Bulk Bag

Pizza oven logs

Extra thin cut and extra dry. Essential for controllable heat in domestic pizza ovens. These thinner pieces of kiln dried hardwood are easy to light and maintain a constant heat.

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