The popularity of clean-burning wood stoves in Manchester has rocketed since it was designated a Smoke Control Area in 1985. Wood stoves offer much better efficiency than open fires, putting out up to four times as much heat from the same amount of wood. At Dalby Firewood we know how important it is to treat your stove right, which is why we only sell the best quality kiln-dried firewood.

Wood-burning stoves can be damaged if you use the wrong kind of fuel. All of our firewood is seasoned to have ultra-low moisture content to provide a high-temperature and low-smoke flame that keeps stoves running cleanly and efficiently.

What’s more, all our hardwood logs are Woodsure Ready-to-Burn certified. This certification is a sign of quality firewood and is recommended by DEFRA and Manchester City Council for improving air quality compared to untreated logs.

Take a look at our online shop to see our full range of kiln dried wood; including ash, birch and other quality hardwoods.